The Humble Liberator

Posted on June 6, 2024 by David Radlo

40 Years ago, today, on the 40th Anniversary of D-Day, I toured Normandy & the European Theatre with my dad, Jack Radlo, in certain areas where he fought during the day, while French business people at night who met with us immediately gave dad an encouraging hug and screamed “Liberator.”

Dad was quite humble and said that we did what we had to do in the 3rd Battalion-395th Regiment and 99th Army Division under Lt. Colonel McClernand Butler and General George S. Patton battling at 17 years old through the French Countryside to defending Ardennes(Bulge), to the Remagan Bridge, into heavy German defenses in Ruhr Pocket, over the Danube River while getting shot at, eventually liberating a concentration camp and accepting the surrender of 200 Nazi Officers in a forest in Germany some of whom he later interrogated.   He never appreciated any medals and awards that he received and said that the only heroes were the ones like his cousin Lt. Carl Radlo that died as he was shot down on a mission over Italy.  He was just doing what needed to be done.

Especially this week, we recognize and appreciate the brave service and sacrifice soldiers have made with awesome sincerity, so we can live in precious freedom.  Great appreciation also goes to those combat veterans and everyone that has served our country in various ways and especially those like Colonel Robert McLaughlin that served in the US Army in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as in Central America, Colonel Robert Colella who served in the Air Force running and managing bombing runs world-wide, Commodore Stan Robertson, who served in the Navy operating and Managing a Fleet of Submarines, John Bello, who served in Vietnam, Marine Captain Mark Adzigian that served in Desert Storm, fellow author and Army combat veteran General Anthony “Tony” Tata, and some I can’t mention but deserve praise in Intelligence Services. Debt of gratitude goes to all in watching over us and keeping us safe.


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