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What is Sustainable Leadership and Disruptive Growth?  In this Talk, you will:

Learn the Overview of the 12 Core Principles.  We will discuss Value Proposition, the Legal Game and Intellectual Property Protection, Pitching, People, Processes, Strategy, Sustainability, Test Markets, How to Pick a Board, Importance of Giving Back, and Cartel Leadership.

Further, we give examples of how this is used.

Then, we challenge the audience with questions and how these principles are used in their lives so they can reframe and transform their results.


Is that we guarantee 

1) Every person will have an understanding of what Sustainable Leadership and Disruptive Growth is and

2) Gain incremental knowledge to reframe and transform their results with an opportunity to learn much more. 


In this Talk, we go into Detail about Dave’s multi-year relationship with Fidel Castro and opening back Cuba up to Trade and Back Channel Diplomacy with the US Government.  

We go into how you disrupt a multi-billion dollar industry cartel with with Egg-Land’s Best Cage Free, and Specialty Eggs, 

We also deal with How to Pitch Your Ideas and Company to attain up to $Billions$ and learn the key elements of the Exit Game and Process.


  1. A Front Seat of negotiating successfully with a world leader economically and on a back-channel basis.
  2. Learn how we disrupted a large industry cartel with healthy, sustainable, and humane-based food.
  3. Learn the key elements of pitching your ideas and why the strategy in being successful at it may surprise you.
  4. Learn the exit game which is a game in itself with Investment Bankers, PE and VC folks, and strategic partners.


What is Cartel Leadership? What is Cartel Disruption? And why does it matter? What are the hidden unwritten rules that no one talks about in Market Leadership and Organized Industry Leadership?  How does this effect when you launch your products and services and what effect may it have on you?

How do you grow by 50% in 18 Months? Where do you starting figuring out opportunities? 

What does People, Process, and your strategy have to figuring this-out?   Where is your next growth coming from?    Organically? Add-on Acquisitions? 


1-Learn the Essence of How Market Leaders and Cartel Based Industries operate along with the key elements of Disruption.   

2-Learn Key Elements that need to be explored in order to grow rapidly by 50% in 18 months utilizing people, process, and strategy sustainable drivers.

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What People Are Saying:

open quote‘I Served on Dave’s Board of Directors for over a decade and was amazed at the consistent and sustained double-digit growth he drove. A strong value proposition and vision…intense strategic planning…constant innovation…personal hands-on communication in an entrepreneurial culture. Dave’s no-nonsense, run through a brick wall, do what it takes toughness while having fun approach served as a blueprint for me when I co-founded and built a leading natural beauty company.””
Dr. Bob Goehrke
CEO and Co-Founder, International Products Group (Inc 5000) Former Sr. VP/General Manager, Bristol Myers Squibb and VP, Limited Brands
open quote“Exceedingly suspenseful, riveting, and excitedly pragmatic education ride, and quite humorous at times…David has an uncanny ability to uncover the X Factor that leads to organizational excellence, which grew his companies by 3X, 5X, and 30X Enterprise Value. He can envision synergistic partnerships, alliance and strategic investments to maximize value and purpose for people and companies.””
Ben Carson Jr.
Co-Founder and Partner, Fvlcrum Private Equity Funds
open quote“Negotiating with Fidel Castro and Cuba including secret back-channel discussions with the US, US Citizens held prisoner freed, billions of dollars of poultry-related markets created, major battles both within allied industry and with humane groups, multi-billion dollar sustainable growth creation of specialty eggs including Egg-Land’s Best and Born Free, the march towards Cage Free, Free Range+, Organic, and alternative protein nation, a very interesting exit, and even more shocking surprises, Worth a hearty endorsement. I’m in.””
Jim Sumner
President and CEO, United States Poultry and Egg Export Council, Past President, International Poultry Council

About David Radlo

David Radlo is an internationally recognized expert in sustainable leadership, growth, and innovation. Known for increasing growth by 50% within six quarters with Strategy, Revenue, People, and Process Initiatives. An accomplished CEO, Outside Board Director, PE Operating and Venture Partner, Growth and Exit Coach, Podcaster of “Sustainable Leadership & Disruptive Growth” and 2X best selling author. His accomplishments in his 28 years as a CEO include delivering a six-fold EBITDA increase and a 30-fold increase in EV and is a 10X Entrepreneur. David is experienced in the US and globally(having personally negotiated an agreement direct with Fidel Castro), and works as well with venture, private, public, family & college entities. Blue chip executive trained by Citibank & Chase. 

He is a Silver Certified Executive Masters Professional Director(ACCD) and Member of ACG. Has served on 15 Boards. David is open to suitable speaking engagements.


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