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Radlo Achievement Index

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  • Introduction:

    Have you ever wondered if your organization is tracking toward success? The Radlo Achievement Index, developed by David Radlo, measures the key indicators that predict an organization’s potential for rapid growth.

    It is easy for a company to get stuck in the status-quo of operations. It’s fair–people rarely realize just how much it takes to run a successful operation. But status-quo does not lay the appropriate foundation for accelerated growth.

    David Radlo is solving this problem for organizations across the country as a Trusted Advisor, Growth Coach, and Board Member. As a Sustainable Growth oriented Executive himself, David has seen firsthand how the key indicators outlined in this assessment can predict a company’s growth potential. These principles truly came to a head for him when he was able to grow his company by more than a 30X growth alignment value. It was all made possible with successful customer-focused strategic innovation, leadership, and process excellence and with sustainable and purposeful service to the community.

    Today, he is sharing the battle-tested strategies that accelerate growth for organizations. The first step: determining your Radlo Achievement Index.

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    Complete the following 10 questions with the answers that most closely reflect your current situation. Approach all questions with honesty, and remember, there are no wrong answers.

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