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Principles of Cartel Disruption

Accelerate and Maximize Performance

The Principles of Cartel Disruption shares business principles for innovation, incubation, disruption, acceleration, and maximizing growth through the various stages of a company’s lifecycle. This easy to follow blueprint is the result of 30 years of successful entrepreneurial toughness and the experience of maximizing value through aligning people, process, strategy, and sustainability.

The Principles of Cartel Disruption and the “Cartel Disruption Method” are broken down into four areas and eleven principles covering proven business strategies that will help you create a winning value proposition, secure funding, operate with excellence, and find meaningful ways of giving back.

Any company, profit or non-profit, in any industry seeking rapid growth will benefit from these straight-forward strategies presented in this book.

Secret Stories of Leadership, Growth, and Innovation-Sustainable Transformation for a Safer, New, and Better World - book cover

Secret Stories of Leadership, Growth, and Innovation-Sustainable Transformation for a Safer, New, and Better World

Are you interested in knowing what it’s like to deal with Fidel Castro, free dissident prisoners through back-channel diplomacy, or build a billion-dollar specialty egg market of Eggland’s Best, Born Free, Free Range, and Organic? How about how we became cage-free and an alternative protein nation? Would you like to learn about the business rationale for local golf club alleged discrimination and how to handle it Cartel Disruptor Style? What about learning the Secret and Hidden Cartel Leadership Rules? How about ways to give back with time, talent, contacts, and finance to sustainably transform for a safer, new, and better world?

In Secret Stories of Leadership, Growth, and Innovation-Sustainable Transformation for a Safer, New, and Better World, David shares how multibillion-dollar categories and industries are built and how organized commerce and special interest groups battle. One of the key themes of this book is showcasing how ‘effective’ leadership resulted in billions earned and how ‘ineffective’ leadership resulted in missed opportunities and disaster.

David follows-up the 11 Principles of Leadership, Growth, and Innovation found in the first book, The Principles of Cartel Disruption, and add a twelfth secret and hidden key principle (See Exhibit I1).  He takes you behind the curtain and gives you a rare glimpse into commercial negotiations and successful back channel diplomacy with former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and focus’s on local and worldwide effective sustainability and Environmental Social Governance (ESG).

Focusing on the difference between a disruptive mindset and a cartel and market leader mindsets, David reflects on the lessons from Cartel Disruption and his Forbesbooks radio podcast, Sustainable Leadership, and Disruptive Growth, aligning third-party narratives with real-life situations. He details the greatest strategic planning and execution mistake in food and agricultural consumer product marketing history and gives you the details of a roller coaster ride in exiting the business.

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open quoteDave is an innovative and creative entrepreneur, and it's fun to work with him. Principles of Cartel Disruption is a must-read for anyone that wants to improve their results and perhaps disrupt a cartel while doing so!”
John Bello
Chairman, Reed's Inc. NASDAQ: REED, Founder and Former CEO of South Beach Beverage Co., SoBe Nutritional Beverages, Former President, NFL Properties, the Commercial and Licensing Arm of the NFL.
open quoteStraightforward and direct, Radlo provides a clear roadmap on how to disrupt a cartel and accelerate and maximize performance. Radlo's principles have produced winning funded pitches and successful operating ventures”
Professor Tina Weber
Managing Director, Tufts University's $100K Competition and Summer Accelerator.
open quoteOften underestimated, Dave's insights on human nature and managing people, along with savvy business sense allows him to spin gold in the face of doubters.”
Scott Burns
VP Operations and Customer Success, Remote Lock, Former VP, Information Technology, Gold-Line.
open quoteSecret Stories is an exceedingly suspenseful, riveting, excitingly pragmatic educational ride, and quite humorous at times. It’s a must-read, and I heartily endorse this fabulous book.”
Ben Carson, Jr.
Co-Founder and Partner, Fvlcrum Private Equity Fund
open quoteI served on Dave’s Board of Directors for over a decade and was amazed at the consistent and sustained double-digit growth he drove. A strong value proposition and vision…intense strategic planning…constant innovation…personal hands-on communication in an entrepreneurial culture. Dave’s no-nonsense, run through a brick wall, do what it takes toughness while having fun approach served as a blueprint for me when I co-founded and built a leading natural beauty company.”
Dr. Bob Goehrke
CEO and Co-Founder, International Products Group (Inc. 5000) Former Sr. VP/General Manager, Bristol Myers Squibb and VP, Limited Brands
open quoteGroundbreaking content in context on steroids. Absolutely loved it and could not put it down. Secret Stories reads like a novel, but it’s all true.”
Jack Derby
10X Founder Professor, Board Member, Derby Entrepreneurship Center@Tufts University Instructor, M.I.T., Business Planning
open quoteNegotiating with Fidel Castro and Cuba including secret back-channel discussions with the US, US citizens held prisoner freed, billions of dollars of poultry-related markets created, major battles both within allied industry and with humane groups, multi-billion dollar sustainable growth creation of specialty eggs including Egg-Land’s Best and Born Free, the march towards Cage Free, Free Range+, Organic, and alternative protein nation, a very interesting exit, and even more shocking surprises. Worth a hearty endorsement. I’m in.”
Jim Sumner
President and CEO, United States Poultry and Egg Export Council Past President, International Poultry Council

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